Welcome to Maikiki, breeding and "in love with Burmese since 1979".

2013-Our Burmese girl, Maikiki Arwen Undomiel, "Winnie", daughter of Burmusic Olivias Joyful Song x GC RW BW Maikiki Acrocats Take Control ("TC")  - Best Burmese Kitten, 2013-2014, Region 7.  Arwen is being lavished with love and having babies of her own at Mezzanotte Cattery in Reston, VA.  Go to Facebook to see what is going on at Mezzanotte Cattery on Facebook!

Maikiki Burmese Cats

     Our latest beautiful Grand Champion, Maikiki Lady Mary Crawley, achieved her title at the August 2016 CFA Atlanta show.  Just recently (2/11/17), in Jacksonville, FL,  She was made BEST CAT in two All Breed rings, and received another 4 top ten finals!  "There's Something About Mary"!

Maikiki is a CFA registered cattery (est. 1980) and produces top quality healthy Burmese cats for pet and show, mostly sables, but occasional champagnes.  We have been awarded the CFA's Cattery of Distinction Tier 1 (having produced more that 10 Grand Champions/Grand Premiers).  

We breed for health and temperment foremost in our breeding program.   Our kittens and cats are placed in their new homes with a veterinary health certificate, a health guarantee, with all shots, and a binding contract.  We are members of the National Alliance of Burmese Breeders (www.burmesecat.org), and have been since the early 80's.  

Although we breed to the CFA Standard, and have bred CFA National and Regional Awarding winning cats, we are a "small" cattery,  and have kittens only a few times a year.  Our wonderful, friendly, sweet stud is GC RW BW Maikiki Acrocats Take Control ("TC").  He is purrful and beautiful and most always imparts his sweetness to his kittens.   The pedigrees behind Maikiki kitties may be CFA National awarding winning lines but more importantly, these lines exhibit extremely sweet, loving, unabashed, fun-loving personalities...they are lap lovers, and are expressive, intelligent, playful companions.  They are beautiful with expressive, soulful, luminous, eyes, and they are long-lived with hearty staminas! 

The kits are always raised "under foot", that is, never caged (except to have babies).  All my adult females live out and about in the house -- my feline friends are healthy, beautiful, very much loved, and well cared for!  We do not ship, but will discuss alternatives.

We've worked closely with Acrocats Burmese in the Orlando, FL area (www.Acrocats.com), and continue to do so, sharing pedigrees and cats, and our mutual and unwavering love of the breed.