Charlie as a kitten

  "Charlie" beautifully shown by Thomas and Ellen Chung:  His awards:

2017-2018 - Division Winner, 9th Best Cat in Championship, Hong Kong
2017-2018 - BWI, Breed Winner - Burmese, International Division
2016-2017 - Best Burmese Kitten, International Division
2016-2017 - BWI, Breed Winner - Burmese, International Division

Charlie is a TC and Nanook son.

For a brief period between 2014 through 2015, I bred Bombays, which have lines going back to the Burmese.   Marajade is a daughter of TC" (see photo above) and a Bombay female I had, "Lana".  Marajade was born in July 2015.  She was shown as an adult in 2016-2017 and achieved a very high and prestigious CFA NATIONAL Award:  

GC=Grand Champion, GP=Grand Premier, NW=National Winner, RW=Regional Winner, BW=National Breed Winner (Best of Breed).

GC RW BW Maikiki Acrocats Take Control, "TC", 2011-2012 CFA Best of Breed, and CFA Southern Region 13th Best Cat in Championship.

Current Stud at Maikiki

Shane's daughter, GC Maikiki Sally Fairfax of Acrocats, 2010-2011 CFA's 3rd Best of Breed Burmese, Best Sable Burmese Nationally.  Sally now is in her forever home.

Mari's son, GC Maikiki Shenandoah of Acrocats, CFA's 3rd National Best of Breed,  Sable Burmese, 2006-2007 ("Shane").  Shane is now in his forever home!

GC RW BW Maikiki Dream Catcher of Burmiluv, 2008-2009 CFA Best of Breed and 17th Best Cat CFA Region 1

(lovingly owned by Francoise McNichol, Quebec, CN)

GP RW Maikiki Sussudio, CFA Southern Region 15th Best Cat in Premiership, 2004-2005.

GC, GP, NW Maikiki Marine Debauve of Acrocats ("Mari") 2008-2009 CFA's 16th Best Cat in Premiership, Southern Region's 4th Best Cat in Premiership, National 3rd Best Burmese Cat in Premiership. I will always love you Mari! 

Maikiki Burmese Cats