GC, GP, NW Maikiki Marine Debauve of Acrocats ("Mari") 2008-2009 CFA's 16th Best Cat in Premiership, Southern Region's 4th Best Cat in Premiership, National 3rd Best Burmese Cat in Premiership. I will always love you Mari! 

Mari's son, GC Maikiki Shenandoah of Acrocats, CFA's 3rd National Best of Breed,  Sable Burmese, 2006-2007 ("Shane").  Shane is now in his forever home!

  "Charlie" beautifully shown by Thomas and Ellen Chung:  His awards:

2017-2018 - Division Winner, 9th Best Cat in Championship, Hong Kong
2017-2018 - BWI, Breed Winner - Burmese, International Division
2016-2017 - Best Burmese Kitten, International Division
2016-2017 - BWI, Breed Winner - Burmese, International Division

Charlie is a TC and Nanook son.

Charlie as a kitten

GC=Grand Champion, GP=Grand Premier, NW=National Winner, RW=Regional Winner, BW=National Breed Winner (Best of Breed).

Maikiki Burmese Cats

GP RW Maikiki Sussudio, CFA Southern Region 15th Best Cat in Premiership, 2004-2005.

For a brief period between 2014 through 2015, I bred Bombays, which have lines going back to the Burmese.   Marajade is a daughter of TC" (see photo above) and a Bombay female I had, "Lana".  Marajade was born in July 2015.  She was shown as an adult in 2016-2017 and achieved a very high and prestigious CFA NATIONAL Award:  

GC RW BW Maikiki Acrocats Take Control, "TC", 2011-2012 CFA Best of Breed, and CFA Southern Region 13th Best Cat in Championship.

Current Stud at Maikiki

GC RW BW Maikiki Dream Catcher of Burmiluv, 2008-2009 CFA Best of Breed and 17th Best Cat CFA Region 1

(lovingly owned by Francoise McNichol, Quebec, CN)

Shane's daughter, GC Maikiki Sally Fairfax of Acrocats, 2010-2011 CFA's 3rd Best of Breed Burmese, Best Sable Burmese Nationally.  Sally now is in her forever home.