another moen moment - Robbie born 11-19-16

 5 Sable Burmese kits

None at this time.

Baby Charlie 2 weeks

Ginny and her kittens March 2018, and kitten Indy on the right.

GC Acrocats Monticello of Maikiki

Ben and his daughter Angel

GC Maikiki Mistralle de Marseille ("Mimi) now in her loving forever home with Kitty in Naples, FL

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Maikiki Burmese Cats

Sleeping foursome

There's something about Mary - GC Maikiki Lady Mary Crawley -- now in her loving forever home with Evelyn in Titusville, FL

CH Maikiki Dorin Selariu of Acrocats ("Doro", now in his forever home)

Good things come in three!

Charlie at 7 weeks - Maikiki Mr. Charles Carson

   Nanook* and her 6 kittens      Born October 2015.

*Eclypse Muscade of Maikiki

Nanook:  I'm too pregnant! (Nov 2016) :


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No kittens available at this time.

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