Charlie at 7 weeks - Maikiki Mr. Charles Carson

GC Acrocats Monticello of Maikiki

Sleeping foursome

   Nanook* and her 6 kittens      Born October 2015.

*Eclypse Muscade of Maikiki

Ben and his daughter Angel


I'm too pregnant! (Nov 2016)

GC Maikiki Mistralle de Marseille ("Mimi)

CH Maikiki Dorin Selariu of Acrocats ("Doro", now in his forever home)

She was born Oct. 10, 2015 out of my Breed Winner “TC” and “Nanook”.  Her name is Mary, and have a few photos below.  She is a very beautiful CFA Grand Champion and looking for her forever home.  I was going to keep her, but have decided that she would do best in a home by herself.  Her mom, Nanook, and her do not get along.  She gets along with her younger brother, Robbie, and plays rambunctiously with him, so if you ever want to bring in another kitten in the future, that would be ok.  She could also do well with a dog, but must not be in the Terrier or Cattle herding group.  Her placement fee would be $400.  At first, she will be a tad shy to meet strangers, but that goes away in a short manner of time.  She is very healthy, playful and affectionate, up to date on all her shots, and loves to be tickled under her arm.   She loves attention and we want the best for her.  


pictured:  5 Sable Burmese kits

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Kittens born August 28, 2017.  All are spoken for, but that could change.  Please email for more information.  We do have a young spay available.  See below.

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Baby Charlie 2 weeks

Maikiki Burmese Cats

Grand Champion Maikiki Lady Mary Crawley..."Mary"​

Good things come in three!